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Providing of information and training is part of enhancement inside OSH ACT (Amendment) 2022. We can help your organization to develop the OSH Training to suit your operation. Our expertise come from various OSH background and have a passion to share the best practice of OSH with your organization


With latest  OSH Act (Amendment) 2022, increasing of penalty from RM50,000 to RM500,000 we believe it is something that organization try to avoid. Glad that we can help you to comply with legal and also OSH Management System compliance.


Our expert able to assist your organization to develop OSH Management System be it compliance to ISO45001:2018, MS1722 or Oil & Gas Safety Management System


We aim to assist our client to provide safe workplace. Our service including provide Chemical Health Risk Assessment, Noise Monitoring, Health Risk Assessment and other workplace legal compliance assessment. 

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SHO Registration Guideline

This course will assist you to prepare for the right documentations for SHO Registration with DOSH. Free template which meet legal requirements include inside

Workplace Assignment

Help you to prepare for your NIOSH SHO Examination Paper 4. Details explanation how you can prepare your Workplace Assignment and worry free. 

Effective Risk Assessment Method

Risk Assessment is key to ensure the workplace safe. Its is very important safety practitioner know how to do conduct proper risk assessment